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Our client base spans a wide range of industries. We are not limited to those listed below, but do have a deep understanding of the industry-specific IT requirements of each of these sectors.

Our experienced technicians will never pressure you to change your IT system and software to something that is inappropriate for your specific business. 

We specialise in delivering quality IT services and solutions to businesses within the following industries: 

Wholesale & Distribution

Managing stock is an integral business requirement for wholesale and distribution companies, which is why we deploy efficient systems which can which can track stock levels and organise shipments.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Having worked with many manufacturing and engineering clients, we understand that machinery plays a key role in your business. Whether you would like us to install 2D or 3D CAD programs or configure your industrial machines, our expert team can do it all!

Professional Services

Most professional service firms require practice management software which allows employees to track time, manage billing, and administer work provided to clients. With over 10 years of experience working with law firms, financial planners, real estate agents and accountants we pride ourselves in delivering efficient and reliable IT solutions  catered specifically for our clients’ needs.  

Synapse QuickSupport

Synapse IT is able to offer QuickSupport to our clients. Our support software enables us to resolve your problems remotely in minutes. For QuickSupport, please call our office and click the help button when advised to do so by one of our consultants.

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