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General Support

All of our service agreements include advanced system monitoring software. Our system proactively monitors your hardware and software for possible faults. This means that in many cases we can respond to your issue before you even realise there is an issue!

For problems or requests that are reported to us, our support process ensures that all service requests are reviewed by one of our account managers within a maximum of 30 minutes of receipt. Part of this process involves evaluating the severity and impact of the issue and then scheduling the job accordingly.

Our response times are stipulated in our support agreements and tracked by our job system. This means you can be confident that your urgent issues will always be handled quickly and efficiently.

This depends on the issue, however our skilled consultants are able to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems that do eventuate. We have years of experience with all aspects of IT environments and so we have the knowledge to diagnose and resolve most problems quickly.

We also deploy state of the art remote monitoring and management tools onsite for all of our service agreement clients. These tools allow us to catch problems before they become serious and hard to fix, saving you valuable time and money. We also leverage our management tools to streamline many common tasks, again reducing the time and cost required.

Yes we do! We deal with many of Australia’s leading IT distributors so we are able to provide you with a wide range of quality equipment at competitive prices. While of course you are free to purchase any equipment from any supplier, we prefer that you procure equipment from us rather than third parties. This enables us to ensure that you are purchasing equipment that is of good quality, fit for purpose and will work within our systems.

We have access to a wide range of equipment and software from most major manufacturers but have standardised our clients on what we feel are the best quality products. Our standard solutions include Lenovo desktops and laptops, IBM servers and storage, Microsoft and VMWare system software and Fortinet for wireless. These industry leading products form the backbone of all of our solutions and we know that they will perform above your expectations.

We are certified by a range of industry leading companies. These companies typically have specific and rigorous requirements for bestowing certification on their partners. Some of our certifications include:

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • Lenovo Business Partner
  • VMWare Professional Solution Provider
  • Fortinet Silver Partner

In addition to this, our staff are individually certified in a range of technologies including the systems above.

Yes they are! Client satisfaction is a high priority for us and we have a formalised process to continually improve our services to clients. As part of this process we request feedback at the conclusion of every job or project and this allows clients to voice any concerns, make suggestions and provide any general feedback. As of September 2015 our average service ticket rating from clients is 92.91%.

To hear what some our our other clients are saying, please have a look at our testimonials.

Our clients span a range of industries but are typically involved in wholesale distribution, professional services, or engineering and manufacturing. They range in size between 5 users in a single office and 300 users spanned across many offices Australia wide.

The requirements, and therefore the services we provide, differ between our clients and we ensure that we target our services to meet these requirements. Smaller clients do not have any internal IT expertise and tend to use us as their outsourced IT department. Often larger clients do have internal IT staff and use us to supplement this when they have a gap in resourcing or knowledge.

All of our clients, both big and small, leverage our knowledge of best practice IT to undertake strategic planning, design and implementation of their infrastructure. We are therefore heavily involved in server, software and networking projects.

Areas where we provide support include:

  • Server hardware solutions design and deployment
  • Network infrastructure design and deployment
  • Provision of network and endpoint security solutions
  • Wireless systems deployment
  • Ongoing proactive maintenance of systems
  • Onsite consulting
  • Remote support and assistance

Many of our larger clients have branches interstate or even internationally. Our team in Melbourne is the first point of contact for all jobs, irrespective of location. Utilising our toolset, we have scripting, management and remote desktop support access to all of our client equipment (providing there is network access available) and we are able to resolve most problems remotely without an onsite visit.

For general support that does require an onsite visit, we have agreements in place with local consultants around the country. This enables our team here to manage people ‘on the ground’ if and when this is required.

For larger projects, we can send senior engineers interstate to personally oversee these jobs onsite.

Yes we can! This is a common problem faced by small business; there are so many companies involved in a business’s technology including telephony, printers, accounting software, hardware warranties, internet connections, etc and you do not necessarily have someone on staff to manage these. We can act as your outsourced IT manager, coordinating all of these vendors on your behalf. If you have a problem or requirement with any system just let us know and we can sort it out for you, either ourselves or by working with the relevant company.

We have several mechanisms by which you can request work:

Service Agreements

A support agreement is just that; a way that we agree to work together with you to best support your business. The agreement outlines what services we will provide, how we will provide them, the service levels that you can expect from us and the associated costs.

Without a support agreement there is no documented understanding of what you expect from us and what we will provide to you. This can make it difficult if not impossible for us to provide you with the service that you need. With an agreement in place you can be confident about your expected IT outcomes and we are accountable for providing these outcomes.

Typically an agreement is put in place to meet one or more of several objectives:

  • Mitigation of business risk
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Allow for strategic business planning
  • Reduce IT related costs

Clearly each of these are important to business and should be of concern to business owners.

There are many potential risks facing modern business including computer downtime, data privacy issues and data protection issues. Threats from viruses, hackers, potential hardware and software faults or even your own staff can pose significant business risk.

Do you know the dangers of these risks? How much would it cost in lost sales and productivity if your server was offline for a day? If your network was found to be a spam source due to virus infection? If a hacker gained access and stole sensitive data? If you lost critical data due to malfunctioning backup?

Through a support agreement we work with you to mitigate these risks and help you understand them through periodic reporting and business focused meetings.

As technology changes there are often new products that emerge, new methods of doing things, faster equipment, software that can assist with more of your work, and other things that can help business efficiency.

It is therefore important not only to keep maintaining your current environment, but to be constantly looking at better ways to do things to save you time and money. A support agreement can help facilitate this through a quarterly review process to communicate any developments that might be of interest to you.

In addition to this, a support agreement helps prevent problems that impact on staff effectiveness and provide mechanisms to quickly resolve any problems that do occur. This keeps your business processes flowing as smoothly as possible.

Clearly in business it is critical to have the right information so you can plan and budget for the future. Do you know what equipment you currently have? What software? What are the expected lifespans of these items? Will these items cope with projected business growth? How much will they cost to replace?

As part of a support agreement we can work with you on a long term IT strategy to help plan your costs and examine the benefits that can be realized from these costs.

When providing services to our clients, Synapse have 3 main types of support agreements:

  1. Flexibility agreement: This is a very basic agreement for small businesses. It includes basic environment monitoring. It allows the business to selectively use our other services on a time and materials basis as required.
  2. Proactive agreement: This type of agreement is suitable for most businesses. It includes advanced environmental monitoring and many proactive features to keep your network running smoothly, with options for additional services as needed.
  3. Managed service agreement: This type of agreement is a fixed fee agreement whereby we manage your entire infrastructure for you. This agreement is for businesses who need to have fixed, budgetable costs and for fixed outcomes from their IT infrastructure.

For more information about the features of each agreement please see our agreement comparison document.

Initially this can be true. Obviously it is cheaper not to engage IT support, or you can even try to fix problems yourself, rather than commit to a support agreement with a fixed recurring cost.

Over time however, it becomes apparent that this is a far more expensive option. If your systems are not configured and maintained correctly they become much more expensive to maintain in the future. Faults become more common and require considerable cost and effort to resolve. In this situation your system also becomes disorganized and inefficient, causing you to forego the benefits of an efficient IT infrastructure. Your environment becomes a pointless cost, not a worthwhile investment.

Our experience with existing clients show that on average companies who use casual IT support require over twice the support hours per user than companies with a proactive or managed agreement, and these companies achieve a poor outcome from the money they spend. A support agreement is therefore most likely a much cheaper option!

It is a fact that we have found that, on average, clients with support agreements spend significantly less on IT support than clients without agreements.

Irrespective of this it is important to consider the big picture when looking at support agreement costs; IT support costs are only a very small part of the big picture. The risk mitigation, efficiency and planning benefits of a support agreement far outweigh the costs.

For example, assume you don’t have an agreement. How do you know your backup is working? Maybe it’s not! And how do you know your server is healthy. Are all the critical software updates installed?  Is the hardware in good working order? Maybe not! How much would it cost in lost sales and staff time if the server was down for a day? What about two days? What if your data was lost and could not be recovered? Clearly the cost of these types of events vastly overshadows the cost of any support agreement. If these events can be prevented by an agreement then the agreement will surely pay for itself.

Our management system provides you with periodic reports on the status of various aspects of your IT environment. We also conduct periodic meetings with you to discuss the work that is being done and any recommendations for future work.

This depends on the equipment that you have and the agreement. We will perform an initial review and stipulate what equipment is covered prior to commencing any agreements. Typically we require a certain standard of equipment and may require that equipment be replaced over the course of an agreement.

This is because the agreement will typically require us to guarantee your system capability, reliability and cost of maintenance. Clearly for us to be able to adequately meet these requirements we must ensure that all equipment involved is of an acceptable standard.

Synapse QuickSupport

Synapse IT is able to offer QuickSupport to our clients. Our support software enables us to resolve your problems remotely in minutes. For QuickSupport, please call our office and click the help button when advised to do so by one of our consultants.

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