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Cloud Servers

Convenience is key

The biggest advantage of storing your data in the cloud is having the convenience of accessing it anywhere, at any time, on any internet-capable device.

Furthermore, you don’t need to upgrade your servers every three years and incur a large out-of-pocket expense. With cloud technology, the servers are upgraded and maintained by the provider.


Whatever size your business, you need to store a server somewhere. Storing it onsite not only uses up office space, but leaves your data vulnerable to fire, flooding, theft and power failure.

Synapse cloud servers do not have these problems. The servers we use are located in Australia, not overseas. They are housed in brand new, state of the art facilities that are heavily secured to prevent physical and virtual attacks.

We understand that your information is not only important for your business, but confidential. So we ensure we use the best data centres.

Once information is stored on the servers it can only be accessed by you and Synapse. This is important, as other countries have laws allowing governments to access such information.

In addition, if one server loses power, the others will pick up the extra workload, so your data is always backed up and available for you to access.

Costs you don’t consider

Having an office-based server incurs costs you may never have thought of.

These include the electricity used to power the servers and air conditioners to cool them. Maintenance costs can add up as repair/upgrade call outs are expensive.

Using virtual servers eliminates these costs as the provider pays for them.

This is just another reason why you should implement Synapse IT’s cloud service in your business.

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