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Disaster Recovery and Planning

Although it may not be immediately apparent, one of the most important assets any company has is its data. Unlike most physical assets, data cannot simply be replaced. What would happen to your business if you suffered significant data loss? Would you be able to effectively continue trading? Would there be legal ramifications?

In addition to these questions it is important to think about what could cause data loss for your company. What would happen in the event of equipment failure, theft or fire?

By providing industry proven Disaster Recovery solutions and testing these solutions for you on a periodic basis, Synapse IT can allay these fears. We leverage a range of different technology and are therefore able to put a disaster recovery plan in place for you whether your business is small or large.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Back up to hard drive or tape
  • Deployment of redundant systems to keep you operating in case of failure
  • Replication of data to backup servers or backup storage devices
  • Cloud backup replication to offsite servers in the cloud

With the correct plan in place, in the event of catastrophe you will know what data you can recover, how long it will take to get back, and what process to follow.

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