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You probably stream your music, your TV and your movies. Why not stream your business’ IT?

Stream IT is a scalable system designed to drastically increase the efficiency of your business. Stream IT provides all of your required services “streamed” from our state of the art cloud. This eliminates unnecessary spending on infrastructure while empowering users to access their work from anywhere with an internet connection, using any device.

Included in our Stream IT package is all associated maintenance and management of your systems as well as security, backups, proactive reporting, strategic advice and unlimited IT assistance from our technical team, all included in the fixed monthly price.

Some cloud systems require massive changes to your business software, workflows or processes. In most cases we can migrate your existing systems into Stream IT, where it’s desirable to do so, so you don’t have to disrupt your business to move to the cloud.


Stream IT can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tablets or even your mobile phone provided you have internet access. It’s like being in the office wherever you are!

Traditional on premise servers, PCs and laptops are single points of failure. They are susceptible to a variety of problems and lengthy repair time. What happens if you get a virus? Hard drive dies? Fire or theft?

Stream IT moves your IT into our resilient cloud environment. Hardware failures or other problems have minimal impact, if any impact at all. Restoring your environment from backup, if it is ever required, can take minutes and not hours or days.

Don’t get stuck dealing with international corporations that don’t care about your business. Stream IT is owned and operated by a local Melbourne based company. We’ll work with you and build a great partnership because we care about your business and its success.

Stream IT includes all associated maintenance and management of your systems as well as security and backups. It also includes proactive reporting and unlimited IT assistance from our technical team meaning you can have any IT questions answered with no additional costs.

All aspects of Stream IT are covered by a money back guarantee. The service includes compensation for clients if service levels fall below agreed thresholds.

Do you know how much your business spends on IT equipment? It’s probably more than you think. Stream IT can include the use of cost efficient equipment bundled into your monthly subscription.

Some businesses have contractors, tech savvy employees, or other situations where staff would prefer to use their own equipment. These businesses typically struggle with security concerns around having unapproved devices on their networks which may cause damage or theft of company information.

Stream IT enables a BYOD environment. If you deem it appropriate staff can use their own devices to access your systems with no additional threat of sensitive data leaks. This makes staff happier and more productive while saving you money.

Stream IT can reduce the overall IT related costs in a business by up to 40%, all with no capital investment upfront. Do you want to know how? Ask us today!

Unlike traditional systems which require additional equipment purchases when business needs change, Stream IT easily scales to meet your business’ changing needs.

Stream IT covers all IT requirements, from management, support to standard hardware and software in a fixed monthly fee. You know what you’re getting for a guaranteed price.

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