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How to Massively Reduce the Cost of Your Business

Join Industry Renowned Experts, David Guest, Hayden McMaster, David Wilson & Aris Allegos for Breakfast, as they discuss How to Massively Reduce the Cost of Your Business.

Breakfast Workshop Held on Tuesday 10th of November, 7:00am - 9:00am

Running a business is not about turnover... It’s about leftover. Focusing on getting more clients or building your business can be a fruitless journey if you are not focused on profitability.   

Reducing the cost of running your business brings cash straight to the bottom line, in most cases without having to work any harder.

So what can YOU do to dramatically reduce the cost of your business and increase your profitability?

The Keynotes Being Discussed Include:


Find the Hidden Profits in Your Business

David Guest, Director of Outcomes Business Group

David will be speaking about the 5 biggest areas of expense in growing a business. He will then demonstrate why most businesses work on them in the wrong order, and how to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

How Your IT Can Make You Money... Not Cost You Money

Hayden McMaster, Director of Synapse IT 

Hayden will be discussing the importance of a solid IT strategy to systemise the way your business operates and significantly reduce the cost. Many business owners believe IT to be a necessary expense... Hayden will explain how effective IT solutions can actually make you money within your business..

How to Get Real Value From Your Business Advisors

David Wilson, Principal of The David Wilson Alliance, 360 Asset Strategy, Chartered Accountant

David will show you how to reduce your costs and taxes, increase your profit and build the value of your business and other assets.

How Technology is Transforming Finance and Why the Fine Print is Still Important

Aris Allegos, CEO of MOULA

Aris will be discussing the relevance of technology in transforming your financial position, and how the fine print can impact the success of your business.

If you are wanting to boost your profitability and reduce the cost of running your business, then you must attend this event. 


Investment: $187.00


Event Details

Date:             Tuesday 10th of November

Time:             7:00am - 9:00am

Where:          Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Middle Brighton, Victoria


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