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In wholesale and distribution success is reliant on building successful relationships with customers and suppliers whilst maximising sales opportunities and minimising operating costs.

Synapse IT Consultants understands how crucial the role of technology is in contributing to the overall success of wholesale and distribution companies. When you’re dealing with large amounts of product, it is crucial to have computerised accuracy to organise shipments, manage inventory and maintain strong customer relationships.

Selling and buying product more effectively, controlling it more accurately in the warehouse and moving it efficiently to the customer can no longer be left to inflexible systems that have failed to move with the times.

Outsourcing your IT to Synapse gives you the confidence that your IT system will be managed professionally and reliably, generating positive returns for your business. With over 10 years’ of experience working with wholesale and distribution companies, our in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by wholesalers is reflected in IT solutions that combine market leading technology with industry specific functionality for distribution.



“All the way through the process SYNAPSE had the skills with hardware and systems which our people didn’t have. SYNAPSE provided skills like any other critical technical supplier input and they did the role well. We are satisfied that SYNAPSE have done their job well to assist us to meet our objectives and needs. Our overall rating of SYNAPSE – good supplier with value for money. Hayden has a good vision and can take his focus through to execution”

Paul Shoebridge
National Equine and Stud Supplier

Allboard Distributors

“We are very happy with SYNAPSE IT and find their system maintenance and support to be at a high level. Their maintenance levels and support are very good and their people are very responsive to our needs....”

Matt Jelenc
Bayswater building products distributor




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