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The Data Centre

The Synapse Cloud Data CentreThe infrastructure running the Synapse Cloud is situated in the NextDC M1 facility in Port Melbourne. NextDC M1 is NextDC's flagship commercial data centre and is the largest independent data centre in Melbourne. Synapse IT have specifically chosen this data centre for its unmatched reliability, technology and features to provide an outstanding service to our clients. Notable features of M1 include:

  • 6000 square metres of data hall space
  • Multilayered physical security
  • High density power systems
  • Fully redundant environmentals for power, cooling and connectivity
  • State of the art fire suppression and monitoring

The Infrastructure

Synapse IT have leveraged our expertise with a number of industry leading vendors to build a redundant infrastructure that will scale to meet the growing needs of our clients.

  • Redundant IBM servers provide a highly reliable and efficient level of computer power.
  • The latest IBM Storwize SAN technology provides fast and scalable storage to manage your data requirements
  • Redundant Fortinet Fortigate UTM routers provide not only advanced routing capabilities, but also industry leading threat management including antivirus, antispam, intrusion prevention and other security features.

This is just another reason why you should implement Synapse IT’s cloud service in your business.

Synapse QuickSupport

Synapse IT is able to offer QuickSupport to our clients. Our support software enables us to resolve your problems remotely in minutes. For QuickSupport, please call our office and click the help button when advised to do so by one of our consultants.

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