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Now more than ever businesses are heavily reliant upon technology to for day-to-day operations. Despite this, IT teams are rarely perceived as a driver of business growth and profitability. Instead IT spending is often viewed as an unpleasant but necessary cost.

Why is this? Sometimes business owners and managers are unsure what their IT department should be achieving for their business. Sometimes they are not sure how to structure their IT team, or what technologies are available to help them.

Business Focused IT

How can you get a positive return from IT spending?

Even if you have the right people, do you have the right structure to support them? To be successful, your IT environment will need:

  • People

    It’s important to understand the IT roles you need within your business. More importantly, do you know what your IT department should be achieving for your business? You need to be confident that the people accountable for IT have an effective strategy in place that will set you up for success. To this end, you need to know how to structure your IT team to provide the key deliverables required to achieve your objectives.

  • Processes

    Repeatable processes are key to ensuring that your IT team know what to do and how to do it. You need to have effective policies and processes so your team knows what they should be doing, and how they should be doing it. This gives you expected and consistent outcomes and helps to make good people great.

  • Tools

    Tools are used to multiply the productivity of your people by automating or streamlining processes. Without the right tools it is very time consuming for you and your team to implement, automate and report on how your processes are working. Businesses with effective systems automate low value tasks and free up their staff members time for higher value tasks.

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