Oh Dear!

Arrived at work, logged on as normal to be greeted by no access to server. Remote dial in direct to each server but unable to log in. Walk across the road to where servers are housed to find they are both off, try to switch on but no go.


It’s finally happened, everyone’s nightmare- our servers have crashed and its 5 o’clock in the morning on a Monday, so I can’t contact Synapse until a reasonable hour, so start to panic.

There is an Angel

About half an hour later I get a call from Steve our Synapse tech saying he got a message on his phone telling him our servers were down. He asks me to check various things then declares its bad, so he will attend ASAP.

Steve Arrives

Another half hour later Steve comes in to double check everything, declares it’s a crash and maps out a plan. Thinks he has spare hard drives back at work, so off he goes and returns about an hour later to say that he will install 2 new drives, replacing 2 of the 6 that crashed, then configure them and once tested copy the full back up of our servers done the previous night. I should add here that Steve had been working all week on fixing our nightly backups as we had not had a successful one all week. Fortunately he got it working the previous Friday so we had everything backed up to date.

The Bad News

As it’s a full backup it will take over 24 hours so you will have to be patient and hopefully everything will be back up and running then. Steve offers to stay but it’s like watching grass grow so we agree he goes about his other work and monitors things from afar.

The Good (Great) News

Just over 24 hours later the restore is complete so Steve switches everything back on and eureka life returns to normal, what a relief and I’m ecstatic.

The Outcome

"Could not ask for better service from Synapse and Steve in particular, they stuck fat and got us up and running efficiently and timely. No panic and no fear, they just got stuck in and did what they are trained to do and seemingly did it effortlessly. It made my job so easy and saved our bacon no end to which I am ever so grateful. Thank Heavens for Steve & Synapse!"

Financial Controller
Hayden McMaster