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Microsoft’s cloud solution, Office 365 incorporates business class email, instant messaging and the full office suite.

Allowing users to access their emails and data from any device, Office 365 provides an alternative to an on premise Microsoft Exchange Server, giving users the flexibility of accessing their emails and files anywhere, anytime.

Synapse IT can provide the following Office 365 services:

  • Licence Procurement
  • Migration Services
  • Support
  • Administration
  • Continuity & Backup

There are many benefits of migrating to Office 365 including:

Increased productivity:

Microsoft has invested a large amount of time and resources into making the user and admin experiences of Office 365 as simple and as easy to use as possible.

The idea is that increasing simplicity yields greater productivity. Whether it is an administrator setting up a new employee or a financial advisor writing plans in Word. When technology is easy to use, things can be completed faster and more efficiently.

Access your files from anywhere:

One of the best features of Office 365 is the ability to access your enterprise software on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Another benefit of accessing centrally located data is that you always have a single source of truth. If you make edits to a document from home, your colleagues will be able to view the most recent files- gone are the days of uploading files every time there is a minor change!

Work with what you know

Learning how to use new software and programs can sometimes be a frustrating and time consuming task, especially if you have deadlines looming.

With Office 365, you will able to use all of the Microsoft programs you are already comfortable and familiar with.  Essentially, Office 365 has simply cloudified your applications.

Office 365 is now included in our Essential IT package, the all-in-one bundle for small businesses that want to increase data protection, reduce their IT spend and simplify their IT system.

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