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Formally knows as Microsoft Lync, Synapse IT Consultants provides Skype for Businessfor businesses that want to reap the benefits of Skype for Business but do not want to employ their own dedicated Skype for Business engineer.

We can provide you with management, monitoring and support for your Skype for Business operations, by an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to the workings, features and benefits of Skype for Business. We understand the importance of Skype for Business within organisations that require consistent, reliable and high-quality connections for business communication. If you need to converse and share information with people around Australia, or the world, your Skype for Business setup will work best when supported by Skype for Business services through Synapse IT Consultants.

The benefits of Synapse IT's Skype for Business services include:                                                                

  • High-end support for Skype for Business
  • Continuous monitoring of Skype for Business
  • Full Management of Skype for Business
  • Reliable Skype for Business Server and Hosting Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Expertise on a diverse range of related subjects
  • Peace of mind for reliable communications
  • Intelligent solutions
  • Fast results
  • Support from industry experts
  • Smooth operations
  • High-quality communication experiences

Stay in touch from a distance

Skype for Business enables people to stay in contact with each other, no matter where they are located in the world. As long as they have a network connection, people can use Skype for Business to send messages and conduct voice and video calls. In business it is much cheaper and more efficient to communicate with a tool like this, compared with paying for flights and accommodation to have everyone at the same location.

Compatible with any device

Skype for Business works on mobiles, tablets and physical phones to connect all employees of a business seamlessly in real time while remaining consistent  between multiple devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This is essential with so many people using different systems and devices, while wanting to see and share the same information.

Coordinate communication tools

Skype for Business allows users to integrate all of their communication tools in one client, so that tools can be interchanged quickly and used at the same time. Send an instant message, switch over to video conferencing and talk to multiple people at the same time.

Share notes

Notes written in OneNote can be shared with Skype for Business so that everybody participating in a meeting can contribute their written ideas and share related information. Write notes for your team, and quickly share them when you get together.

Simple to use

Technology might have advanced, but it has not made communicating more complicated. Skype for Business is easy to use, has a visually appealing platform, and all parties involved in a meeting will find the communication tool to be simple, effective and efficient. 

Communication in real-time

In business, real-time communication is essential, as decisions need to be made quick and proactively. There is no time to wait around for messages to be sent, received and replied to, and Skype ensures that there is no delay. Even if participants are located in different countries, they can still communicate as though they are in the same room.

Skype for Business as a powerful business solution

Skype for Business can streamline your business communications, bring people together from different locations, save you money on travel costs, and keep your business on the move. Using a single client, Skype for Business coordinates communication tools for ease of use and extreme efficiency.

Never miss an important phone call

Phone calls from clients are easily missed if a businessperson is offsite or in a meeting. With Skype for Business, no call will be missed because the businessperson will receive the call no matter where they are, as it links with the employee’s mobile phone or tablet.

Know who is in the office, offsite or away

Staff can accomplish more tasks as they know who is in the office, offsite, or away. They voice call colleagues through Skype for Business, rather than using their office phone or mobile. The call goes through to the colleague’s computer via the internet, or it can go to a physical phone, such as a mobile.

To find out more about the benefits of Skype for Business for your individual business call Synapse IT Consultants today for a free system assessment




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