We hope you are well and have not yet been too impacted by COVID-19 in this period of uncertainty. 
Like most businesses we have been developing our plan to tackle these challenges and would like to provide you with the details of our response. Our goals are to continue to support your business to the highest standards, maximise the safety of your team, maximise the safety of our team, and do our bit to help stop the spread of the virus in our community.
In accordance with the current advice from various organisations we will be making the following changes to how we support you. These changes will be in effect from tomorrow 18th March 2020 and will be reevaluated as needed while the situation develops.

  • We will be postponing any low priority site visits to client sites for the foreseeable future.
  • If there is a meeting or task that can be completed remotely, this will be completed using Microsoft Teams, our remote support tools, telephone or email rather than face to face.
  • We will still be providing onsite support when you need it. Prior to a visit we will ask you to confirm any of your staff are ill. We are sorry, but a site visit cannot occur if this is answered as “yes” for the safety of our staff.
  • While onsite we will practice “social distancing” including no hand shaking while onsite and restricting close contact with others.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks for our team.

We hope you understand these changes are necessary given that our work often involves being onsite in contact with many different people in many different businesses. 

Should the situation escalate as we have seen in other countries please be assured that we have a strong business continuity plan in place. We are well equipped to work remotely, even during a potential lockdown, should that be required. In this case, we foresee minimal impact to our ability to provide services for you and all the usual email addresses and phone numbers will remain unchanged during this period.
If you need any assistance with your own remote work technology, business continuity plans, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the above please reach out and I would be happy to discuss with you. 

Hayden McMaster