We have been receiving queries about issues with intermittent phone quality, video conferencing quality, internet speed, etc. If you are experiencing this please note that at the moment it is probably due to the unprecedented load on systems globally.

We would like to make you aware of the following items:

  • Globally, technical teams and call centers are impacted by lockdowns so companies such as Telstra, Microsoft, etc have had their workforce impacted.
  • Mobile phone and data networks are becoming congested as significant numbers people begin to work from home and switch their usage from office landlines to mobile phones.
  • Phone networks are facing further increased stress due to higher call volumes as thousands of people call Centrelink, the Corona Virus Hotline, their bank, etc.
  • Data networks are seeing significant increase in utilisation as more people are stuck at home, streaming videos, doing video conferencing, etc.
  • Companies such as Netflix, Microsoft, and others are proactively throttling their services to help prevent overloads. Video quality is being limited and some features are being temporarily disabled or reduced. This may cause slight noticeable service degradation but will help prevent a complete outage.

Generally things are working and globally companies are increasing capacity, however please be aware that if you do have an occasional issue with your phone, video conference or internet speed it is most likely load related and will pass.

If you need help with remote productivity or collaboration please get in touch, we would be happy to assist you with a clever remote work solution.

Hayden McMaster