Did you know that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month? October is internationally recognised as a month of informing the public of cyber security. Apparently cyber criminals take a break between November to September… We all know that’s rubbish.

Why should all business have the initiative to incorporate better IT Security?

According to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the prevalence and severity of cybercrimes is ever increasing in our digital age. Largely because we are becoming more dependent on new technology, platforms and systems. It’s not just every day Australians at risks, cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. And their becoming more adept at doing so.

So, why aren’t more businesses initiating better Cyber Security practices to mitigate risks and protect their critical data, clients and reputation?

A huge misconception regarding IT Security is that the cost of protection is too expensive. Although, it’s widely unknown that cybercrime is the most significant threat to businesses in terms of overall volume and impact. I think we can mutually agree that the damage of cybercrimes outweigh the protection.

Cyber Security practices should not just be a nice to have, but a necessity for any workplace. especially now with most of the workforce working from home. Is your business protected against Cyber security? If the answer’s no, that also means your customers aren’t protected.

Learn more from expert IT consultants about the misconceptions and importance of IT Security, and what it means for your business.

Hayden McMaster