After being stuck at home during lockdown for many months, the team and I engaged in some healthy competition during the month of November. At the beginning of the month, we each began tracking how many kilometers we each, walked, ran, biked, rowed etc for the entire month of November. As well as making us all feel a bit fitter, the team member with the highest score was able to select a charity that Synapse donated to on their behalf.

(Some of the team are taking this challenge more seriously than others it seems…)

Our Marketing Assistant Carly took home the first win for our monthly exercise challenge, with roughly 160kms walked in November. Carly’s choice of charity was Food for Families, a Melbourne based charity that collects food and toiletries for families in need. After Carly’s win in the November exercise challenge, we’ve now donated just over $500 to Food for Families.

We plan on running this competition until the end of January 2021. Stay tuned to find out which member of the Synapse team will take home the exercise challenge win for the month, and the respective charity they select!

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Hayden McMaster