Imagine life without the internet! How on earth would anything get done? Since its inception only twenty-five years ago it has become a critical tool for many businesses and without it, many employees may find themselves unable to work and experiencing feelings of intense pressure.

Although it may be hard to believe, people and companies were quite productive before the advent of the internet and despite our reliance on it, there is still much that can be done when it is broken.

Here are our top 10+ ways to remain productive while their internet connection is down.

1. Catch up on emails

Although you cannot send replies without an internet connection, nothing is stopping you from replying to the unanswered emails that cluttering your inbox. Even better, you won’t be interrupted while you’re replying as you can’t receive anything.

2. Don’t forget the small stuff

Most of us have a whole raft of minor tasks that we’ve let slip but that that will improve our efficiency once we’ve regained our connection. These may include cleaning your desk, filing, updating spreadsheets, or completing notes.

3. Phone a friend

Although you may feel cut off from the outside world, people can still be contacted without an internet connection! This allows you to return phone calls you have been putting off and also catch up with people you haven’t necessarily spoken to for a while.

4. Use the internet in offline mode

A number of internet browsers allow you to cache webpages so that they can be accessed without an internet connection. This allows you to still view web content without a connection. The only trouble is it requires you to cache the webpages while online, so some forward thinking is needed here!

5. Write something

Internet downtime is a great time to put some of your thoughts to paper. These thoughts could be as simple as ideas for your team, or as complex as the outline of a new project or product.

6. Have a team meeting

If you work in an office and lose your connection, chances are other employees in your department have too. If everyone is milling around like lost sheep, it may be a good idea to have a spontaneous team meeting. The “holiday” atmosphere of these spontaneous, unplanned meetings makes them great for brainstorming and team building.

7. Make a plan

Often people go to work and ‘just do’. They don’t prioritise or focus on what is most important. Now that you have some spare time, it may be wise to assess what you have to do and plan out how to achieve all of your tasks in the most efficient way. When the connection resumes, you will be able to cross off your tasks much more effectively.

8. Read a book

This may not seem productive business-wise; however reading is a great way to keep you up to date with industry knowledge (if reading a business book/magazine) or increasing your general knowledge. It also takes your mind off any problems you may have at work and allows your brain to relax.

9. Organise your Computer

During the hustle and bustle of work, it is common for workers to save documents to the desktop or download files they don’t need. Sort out the clutter and relocate computer files into folders that are easily identifiable. It is also a chance to give your computer a virus scan and defragment your hard drive

10. Get out and exercise

If there really is nothing you can do while your connection is down, then there’s not much point sitting in the office twiddling your thumbs. You may as well use this time to refresh yourself by taking a walk around the block. If the weather is bad, indoor exercises, or stretches can work just as well

11. Connect with family/friends

Work can easily make us spend less time with those we care for. So while you have some spare time, you may as well spend it with your family or a friend. Even something as simple as going for coffee and a chat can improve your outlook and clear your mind for when you get back.


Hayden McMaster