Microsoft Lync is like a phone / messaging / video system on steroids! Ok. So technically speaking it’s a “networked communication platform” running on software and apps across multiple devices. And it combines telephone calls, live video conferencing, instant video chats, and instant text messaging into one unified system or interface. And, sorry, while there are no actual steroids involved its convenient features and cool integrations will save you time and money.

Right out of the box one great feature is that Microsoft Lync can be used on your Windows desktop or your Apple Mac machine or on any mobile device (Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG or basically on any Apple IOS or Android OS).

Here is our list of 8 ways that Microsoft Lync can save you and your business time or money:

  1. Lync has combined audio conferencing, video conferencing and instant messaging (IM) all rolled into one system making it easy to switch between different forms of communication as you need to.
  2. Lync knows when you’re on the phone, in a meeting or out of the office based on your Outlook Calendar. This is great for seeing what your team is up to and when people are available for a discussion.
  3. Lync only needs an internet connection and not all the phone and data hardware and cabling normally associated with phone and video systems. This means you can make use of Lync’s features from anywhere whether it be in your office, from home, company branch offices or even in your car via 4G. Lync gives you ultimate communication mobility.
  4. One number for everything. Lync can replace your phone system and incorporate your standard telephony so calls to your landline numbers ring directly in Lync. This eliminates disparate voicemails and email accounts and forms a single all inclusive message bank. It can also provide intelligent call routing and voice menu systems.
  5. Lync’s HD quality video makes all mobile devices exceed professional expectations so you don’t have to invest in expensive video conferencing software.
  6. Lync can connect to existing widely used telephony systems so businesses can have the best features of Lync without having to remove all current telephone hardware installed.
  7. It turns any PC into a powerful corporate desk and video IP phone which has access to entire company directories meaning you don’t have to spend time sifting through multiple company databases to find what you need fast.
  8. Lync has no borders with its desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities. You can host video or web conferences which is ideal for marketing presentations, project planning sessions, national management meetings, or anything else you can think of! You can save money on travel while staying connected with anyone around the world.

So there you go – Microsoft Lync has it all. Organise your business, communicate to your staff and customers and most importantly save time and money doing it. And while other communication software systems can cost an ‘arm and a leg’, Lync provides an even better service for less cost.

Hayden McMaster