Recently Synapse IT was nominated for the 2014 Business Excellence Awards, hosted in Queensland. We were nominated in 2 categories: “Most Innovative Business” and “Best Customer Service Results”. We were fortunate to be winners of “Best Customer Service Results” category. The award was presented to my wife Lauren and I and we both very much enjoyed the night meeting other business owners at the function. It was a great way to gain new insights and learn.

The awards are part of the Business Excellence Forum. For the full list of winners visit
The 2014 Business Excellence Forum is a special 2-day event showcasing the world’s top business professionals and speakers in a casual setting. It is designed to offer business managers and business owners and their groups, the highest level company training, “best practices” strategies and business re-education on the planet.

An informative, enjoyable and academic event, the Business Excellence Online forum has actually been referred to as the “premier company event of the year” for company owners aiming to find out first-hand simple, easy-to-implement methods proven in successful companies in essentially every industry and category.

For more info on the Business Excellence Forum’s visit: The Business Excellence Forum

Hayden McMaster