Google recently announced that as of the 21st of April, the company will be expanding the use of their mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.

The change will affect mobile searches worldwide and could significantly impact your business’ ranking on Google searches. As a result of the new changes, mobile phone users will find it easier to search for relevant and high quality search results which are optimized for their portable devices.

How do these changes affect your business?

Approximately 30-40% of Google Searches are done via mobile phones and portable devices, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a high google ranking and subsequent traffic on your website.

What should you do?

Google have developed a test which can determine whether or not a website has a mobile-friendly interface. By entering a website’s URL, Google will determine within a matter of seconds whether or not your website is mobile-friendly.

If your website doesn’t happen to be mobile friendly, you will be presented with a list of causes as to why this might be the case.

In order to see how mobile-friendly your website is, follow the link and enter your website’s URL in the box provided

If your website happens to be incompatible with mobile devices, analyse how you can alter your website so that it can become mobile-friendly. You could do this by following the simple steps on the Google Mobile-Friendly page, or by outsourcing a web developer to redesign and configure your website.

Remember, these changes are going to be implemented on April 21.

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Hayden McMaster