2014 has seen many advancements in technology including smart watches, fitness bands and Google glasses advancements. If you thought that was fantastic, then get ready for 2015 creations involving wearable technology, which is fast moving from the wardrobe to the gym and even the bedroom!

Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is not just about fun and creative design, it places heavy emphasis on safety, fitness and convenience. Integrating technology into clothing aims to provide expert solutions for some of life’s everyday activities. Gartner’s research director explains that “they can collect more information and produce better data, like the full wave of the heart beat rather than just a pulse.” An example of this is women’s undergarments that track the heartbeat of the person to allow better measurement of fitness efforts.

In 2012, Cityzen Sciences’ D-Shirt began to develop its shirt codenamed D shirt. There are sensors fitted throughout the shirt which detect movement, heart rate, speed and even breathing patterns. Smart shirts allow more sensors to be placed closer to the skin meaning athletes or anyone wearing the clothes can gain a better understanding and fine tune their training efforts to be smarter giving them better results.
This sensor shirt technological development is just the start. Integrated technology will completely change the way in which we train the human body. For the first time athletes will have a complete view of their body in action – muscle targeting, effort and more. This will provide instantaneous insight without disrupting a workout. Better yet, you can get rid of that personal trainer and become your own.

Smart Accessories

Every smart garment needs smart accessories and the technology industry is not holding back in offering consumers what they need most. A SmartBackPack has been designed for commuters, its design functionalities include a waterproof covering and a removable battery pack. Also included is USB cable outlets in each pocket allowing you to charge any electronic device, making it perfect when you’re on the go or roughing it out in the forest. Another clever techy feature is that if you’re prone to leaving your belongings behind – this bag will alert you if it sees that you’re walking away without taking it with you – the backpack literally has your back!

The future for wearable technology is said to become part of our everyday life, sleep optimisation ear buds, augmented reality devices and health and fitness monitors will play a large role in the continual advancements of wearable technology.
With more and more interest in wearable devices there is no doubt that 2015 will be the year of wearable technology. Advancements will continue to be made on current items as well as the continual proliferation of new wearable items.

Hayden McMaster