Just last month, Australian’s using the Window’s 10 operating system could take full advantage of Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant.

Just like a real personal assistant, Cortana helps its users manage their calendar, find things on their PCs, track packages, find files and is able to talk and tell jokes to its users.

According to MSN, Cortana is “friendly, funny, attentive and relatable” and has abandoned the “one-size fits all” approach, instead embracing local culture, humor and landmarks.

With the customized Australian version, Cortana is able to sing an Australian lullaby and identify points of interest all while doing so with an Australian accent.
Some of Cortana’s key features include:

She’s a virtual assistant that can learn about you

Cortana is inspired by real personal assistants and therefore, aims to act like one. When first becoming acquainted with Cortana, she will check with the user whether or not she is pronouncing their name correctly.

Not only that, but Cortana has a unique “Notebook” feature which allows users to set their interests, like the news they care about for at-a-glance headlines or sports teams they follow.

She is able to schedule your information for you

Cortana is able to bring together relevant information from many sources and combine it with a knowledge of the user’s schedule. By doing so, Cortana can make proactive recommendations tailored to its user based on where they are and what’s going on at any given time- delivering the right information at the right time.

Unlike Apple’s Siri, you can type to Cortana

Unlike Apple’s Siri which is only voice activated, users are able to type commands to Cortana as well. The ability to type commands can be useful during quiet meetings and can be helpful when Cortana isn’t quite understanding your voice commands.

Cortana is a standalone app

One of the biggest advantages Cortana has over Siri, is that users can open the full Cortana Windows app at any time to see the top headlines for the news they have specifically requested. Whether you’re after the latest sport score or breaking news story, Cortana provides you with the headlines you want, without you having to even ask about it.

Cortana is available now on Windows 10 for Australian Users

Hayden McMaster