Over the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has updated its Office 2016 preview apps for early adopters.

One of the most notable new features of Microsoft Office 2016 is that Word includes live typing support, which allows desktop users to see the edits their colleagues are making to a shared document in real time.

The update builds on a feature unveiled last month that allowed users to see where colleagues were working within a document, but didn’t immediately show the words they added. Similar features should be made available to other Office apps with future updates, so that people can work in real time on other Microsoft Office programs such as Excel and PowerPoint.

The updates also include the full release of Microsoft’s new “Tell Me” feature, which gives users an easy way to find specific buttons and functions within each office program.

Through users’ ability to search for specific icons, users with older Office editions who were previously hesitant to update due to layout changes, are predicted to purchase Office 2016 as Tell Me allows for users to keep track of icons no matter where they move to.

Another update included in Office 2016 is the equation editor in Word, PowerPoint and Excel which will now convert a hand-written equation scrawled in its input field into one that looks like it was typed in. It’s an easier path for getting complex equations into a document, especially for people who have access to a touchscreen or tablet for writing purposes.

Office 2016 won’t release with Windows 10 next month, but Microsoft has said that the next version of its productivity suite will be available later this year to go along with the newly released operating system.

Hayden McMaster