Keeping track of passwords can be a frustrating and annoying process, especially if you have a different password for every account (which we recommended for security purposes)

In order to take the trouble out of remembering every single one of your passwords, Google has developed a feature called Smart Lock where all of your passwords can be stored securely in the one place.

What exactly is Smart Lock?

Smart Lock for Passwords helps you unlock apps and sites by offering to save passwords for you. When you save a password in Chrome, the corresponding Android app can let you right in. And when you save your password in an Android app, you can get right into the same service in Chrome or on other Android devices.

For example, if you’ve saved your password to The Age in Chrome, Google will automatically log you into the Android app. There is no need to find the password somewhere and re-enter it.

To find out more about Smart Lock, click here.

Hayden McMaster