Just last year 3CX released its latest phone system, v14 which was packed with innovative features and improvements.

Some of the most notable features of v14 included an integrated virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) server option, a much faster response rate to calls, reduced battery usage in smartphone devices, scheduled backups and support for Office 365 contacts.

As if the new features included in v14 weren’t already enough, 3CX has recently released “Service Pack 2”, which includes a number of new updates which sets 3CX further apart from the competition.

Taking into consideration requests and feedback made by clients, 3CX has managed to create an even better end user experience with the following updates:

Switchboard/ Call management

The “Expanded Presence” which previously provided users with extended information on the presence and status of colleagues, has been replaced with a more powerful Switchboard functionality which has the following modes:

  • User – shows presence of colleagues in a compact view
  • Receptionist – shows incoming calls & presence to allow for easy handling of inbound calls
  • Manager – merges the Queue Manager & Receptionist views
  • Q-Manager – shows status of queue calls & queues for queue call management
  • Wallboard – for displaying Queue status to agents

Together with the new Switchboard functionality 3CX have added powerful call handling features:

  • Drag & Drop calls for Quick blind or attended call transfer from receptionist view.
  • Better view of active calls with better filter options.

New Wallboard

An essential for call centres, the new Wallboard view includes a new design and many new real time statistics such as agents busy, waiting time and talk time.


The failover feature in 3CX allows you to create a replica of your PBX, which becomes active in the event that your PBX fails. This much awaited feature is part of Service Pack 2 and is extremely useful in minimising data loss and downtime in the event of a failure.

In the first Service Pack, hot standby was already available, but now you can monitor the active server from the standby server and start services and, run scripts upon detection of a fault.

Call Data Records (CDR)

3CX Phone Systems have an inbuilt CDR Service that is able to log phone calls including a record that can be saved to a file, or pushed to another application instantly via TCP (transmission control protocol).

The record contains various call details such as time, date, duration, source and destination numbers as well as the cost. 3CX goes a step further adding much more information such as call-types, call information, From and To names and final display names which are crucial when call transfers occur.

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Hayden McMaster