It has come to our attention that a new scam is circulating via email which is affecting local Melbourne businesses.

The attacker targets business websites and obtains information on staff members, in an attempt to impersonate employees and get money out of unsuspecting business owners.

If you have an “Our Team” section on your website, the attacker can obtain information on who the boss and financial manager is, and then send an email posing as the boss, asking the financial manager to transfer funds.

Usually, emails start with something along the lines of ‘Hi, I need you to transfer some money for me to this account”.

In most cases, the emails do not look legitimate, however some are well written and can cause unsuspecting employees to fall victim to the scam.

While this is not a technical breach, it is important to be aware of potential scams and phishing attempts.

If you ever receive an email you are unsure about and would like to verify its validity, feel free to contact us on 1300 903 405

Hayden McMaster