After the 31st of October, the only version of software that will come on new PC devices will be Windows 10.

If you would like to purchase a new PC which has windows 7 or 8.1 already installed, you have just under three months to upgrade your hardware.

The deadline puts pressure on consumers who have grown comfortable with Windows 7 and 8.1 and are reluctant to upgrade their operating system if they buy a new PC. For Microsoft, it’s a necessary step toward its goal of having Windows 10 power 1 billion devices, a goal which underlines the company’s message that the new software can tie together PCs, tablets and mobile phones with apps that can run on any of them. Despite the audacious goal from the tech giant, experts are predicting Microsoft will not reach 1 billion installs until 2019 or 2020, falling 300 million units short by Microsoft’s 2018 financial year, the deadline where the company had hoped to get to one billion.

For users who already have Windows 7 or 8.1 on their existing machines, there is no reason to panic as extended support ends on the 14th of January 2020 and the 20th of January 2023 respectively. Extended technical support includes security patches, bug fixes and other important updates.

If you’re looking to purchase new hardware and would like to continue to use Windows 7 or 8.1 please get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

Manufacturers such as Lenovo are no longer accepting new orders for machines which are preinstalled with these operating systems. To ensure you don’t miss out place an order with us today before current stock sells out.

Hayden McMaster