Microsoft Office 365 incorporates business class email, instant messaging, cloud file storage and the full office suite. With collaboration tools, remote access and familiar programs included, it’s no surprise that Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular among small to medium sized businesses.

While there is no questioning the benefits of Office 365, businesses seem to overlook the importance of backing up their Exchange environment outside of the Microsoft cloud.

Don’t Assume Microsoft’s Cloud Backup is Sufficient

Organisations don’t often see the need of storing information in a secondary environment, in part due to Microsoft’s reputation and the high level of redundancy promised in the service level agreement.

While Microsoft does back up your data, they provide only basic protection. Typically deleted data is only retained for 2 weeks and restores can be slow and disruptive. In many situations you cannot easily choose what needs to be restored; all files must be restored at once which can cause you to lose your most recent data.

While Office 365 is a fantastic application for businesses of all sizes, the bottom line is, Microsoft does not specialise in data backup and recovery.

Safeguard your data

Our backup solution is a cloud-to-cloud service which backs up your Office 365 data to another cloud.

Unlike Microsoft’s backup, where all files are restored, our backup solution enables you to restore individual files. Whether you need one or fifty files restored,  you can easily search for and select the files you want restored without worrying about affecting finalised documents within your Office 365 environment.

In addition, our solution has unlimited retention, meaning your files will never be deleted without your knowledge. As most businesses are required to keep files for seven years, unlimited retention is extremely important in legal compliance, especially for law firms and medical practices.

Finally, our team can restore your data anywhere, at any time, minimising any possible downtime. Don’t spend hours recreating or searching for a misplaced file, avoid data loss by pairing Office 365 with our complete backup and recovery solution.

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Hayden McMaster