If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you need to update to version 9.3.5 without delay!

On the 25th of August, a mobile security company called Lookout and the advanced research laboratory at the University of Toronto, released detail of a sophisticated, targeted and persistent mobile attack on iOS devices.

The hack, which gives the cybercriminal access to a device’s camera and microphone, enables the hacker to take images and files, track the owner’s movements and capture audio calls in apps such as Messenger and Skype.

Apple released a fix, iOS 9.3.5 almost immediately after the details were made public urging people to install the latest update.  While the exploits were caught by researches and Apple making it is unlikely that end users were infected, we recommend that you update your phone to the latest iOS software to prevent infection in future.

To update, open settings>general>software update>download and install

The researchers said the spyware involved was most likely created by NSO Group, an Israeli cyber-war company. Lookout called it the most sophisticated spyware package it has seen, taking advantage of the combination of features only available on mobile devices such as voice communications, camera, email, messaging, GPS, passwords and contact lists.

In order to protect your mobiles devices in future Apple stated that users should avoid clicking on links in SMS messages from unknown parties since such messages can be spoofed. To find out more ways in which you can protect your mobile devices, why not read our mobile safety quick tips!

Hayden McMaster