SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service which can be used to create websites, store information, and collaborate in real-time.

SharePoint isn’t something you buy and install on each individual desktop but rather a cloud-based back-end system which ties an organisation’s information together, allowing colleagues to collaborate and synchronise their efforts. Regardless of whether an organisation has offices across different geographical locations, SharePoint enables employees to access company information seamlessly in the one place.

SharePoint has a number of different features including:


The intranet is the internal facing site where everyone within the organisation can find news, announcements, scheduled tasks and a variety of other information. Dashboards can be customised by department and role, where permission levels can also be altered.


SharePoint can also be used to build and manage publicly facing websites. As a website CMS, SharePoint enables you to sign in and make changes to your pages. You can update information, add text or images, and create new pages.

File Storage and Document Collaboration

SharePoint online gives businesses a shared space to securely store documents and company information.

With SharePoint, duplicate files and multiple drafts are a thing of the past as files are kept up to date and in the one place for all employees to access.

What’s more, SharePoint allows you and your co-workers to work simultaneously, making collaboration a breeze. Collaboration occurs in real time where individuals can come together to get work done– creating and sharing content with the familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day.

Why SharePoint Online?

Access Company Files from Anywhere

SharePoint Online enables you to access work files and information from anywhere – whether you’re at home, at the office or on your mobile.  The SharePoint app which was released earlier this year, allows you to have your company’s intranet in your pocket, giving you access to your teams and organisational resources from wherever you are!

The app is available on Windows, iOS and Android devices, where users can have multiple accounts online and on premises. Through the app, users are able to easily switch between these accounts.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Now more than ever, businesses need a scalable solution which is secure across every workload and device.

According to Microsoft, SharePoint offers ‘best-in-class’ security, where end users get the productivity they’ve been asking for and IT departments get the security and compliance requirements they  need.

SharePoint online can be purchased on its own, or as part of an Office 365 suite which also includes Exchange, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business.

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Hayden McMaster