We understand what it’s like to feel inundated with notifications requesting software updates on your devices. Many simply choose to ignore or put off these updates, seeing them as unnecessary and a waste of time. Many ask, if my phone is working fine as it is, why is an update necessary?

Read below to find out the 4 most important reasons why you simply cannot avoid updating your phone and some simple tricks to make updating your mobile a breeze!

Top 4 Reasons why you Can’t Ignore Phone Updates
  1. Security

All software systems are exposed to  flaws and people generally find out what they are. Google is no stranger to the dangers of flaws within their devices. In fact, they have a group of security researchers whose sole job is to attempt to hack into their own product before hackers do. Even with these systems in place, many hackers figure out security loopholes first, gaining access to personal and sensitive user data. For this reason, apps will create updates with new security improvements and bug fixes.

  1. Stability

Software updates will not only lessen your security vulnerabilities, but will create a much more stable user experience. For example, if your computer frequently crashes, updating the new version of a software can solve this issue and why the feature has not been working properly.

  1. Features

Interesting, fun and easier to navigate new features are constantly being created by developers. Simply updating when requested to do so will ensure you can take full advantage of them, such as those listed below.

  • Facebook’s new update introduced ‘Live Stream’
  • YouTube’s new update introduced split screen mode on Ipads
  • iOS 9.3’s newest update introduce ‘Night Shift’ mode, displaying a sleep-friendly hue!
  1. Performance

By keeping your software regularly up to date, your device will likely run much faster and smoother than before. The current mobile user has an array of applications on their phone, many of which are used numerous times a day. Therefore, it is important you have a device which is not slowed down by outdated software.

Top Things to Remember When Updating
  • Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-fi and the ‘Use Cellular Data’ is switched off at the time of download. If you’re phone is not connected to wifi you’re at risk of losing massive amounts of data usage and ending up with one hefty phone bill!
  • Turn on automatic downloads on your device! Many people think they need to constantly be bothered by those pesky update reminders, otherwise they will miss out.. However, all you need t to change the automatic download setting on your mobile to make updating a breeze.
  • If you find everyone raving about that latest update, make sure you check the software developer’s website for update announcements so you don’t miss out.

It may be tempting to ignore those pesky update reminders when you’re coming home from a long day at work.However, next time you see that update it is wise to remember the numerous benefits for your device and overall personal security!

Hayden McMaster