Microsoft has released their latest major Windows 10 update for PCs and tablets. Twice a year Microsoft rolls out updates to its Windows 10 features with the latest release also receiving a major name change. This release is known as Windows 10 April 2018, easier for troubleshooting with than the previous Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. Here we take you through the 10 best features of this latest release.

1. Timeline

The only major feature with this latest release, Timeline enhances the Task View button with a history of activities you have previously performed on your computer. Clicking on the Task View button on your taskbar will show you activities from ‘Earlier Today’ as well as previous days underneath your currently open application. The point of this feature is to give you the ability to resume any activities you were previously working on, with the ability to also sync across your devices.

2. Dictation

The dictation tool has had an overhaul in this update making it even easier to use. Simply press the windows key + H keyboard shortcut to launch it and you can begin dictating using any app.

3. Microsoft Edge Tab Muting and PWAs

In its quest to compete with Chrome, Microsoft Edge now has the ability to mute tabs to prevent any loud and annoying websites from playing. Edge has also received a performance and design update, making it feel like a better default browser.

Microsoft has also added support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs are web applications that are regular web pages or websites, but can appear to the user like traditional apps or mobile apps.

4. Fix Blurry Apps

This latest release has addressed the scaling desktop apps issue that has always annoyed Windows users. It will now detect if an app is blurry because of a monitor change or you docked the laptop and will attempt to scale it better, providing a better overall experience.

5. Audio Preferences Per App

Microsoft has introduced the ability to customise how you receive your audio in Windows 10 based on the applications you are using. For example you can play music through the speakers, while using a headset for your browser audio.

6. Quick Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth pairing with accessories has received an update in this latest release. Windows 10 now has the capability to produce a notification to quickly connect a Bluetooth device and pair it. Microsoft is also working with Logitech and other key tech companies to ensure other hardware will support this quick Bluetooth pairing feature.

7. Windows Defender Notification Reduction

If you have had enough of the Windows Defender notifications telling you that Microsoft’s anti-virus just scanned your machine, then you’re in luck with this update. You can now abolish these notifications so you are not informed every time there is a successful scan.

8. Nearby Sharing

Nearby sharing works in a similar way to Apple’s AirDrop feature. You can easily share websites, photos or documents to other nearby Windows 10 devices, making it a handy feature in the workplace.

9. Focus Assist

Previously known as Quiet Hours, Focus Assist has received an update with this latest release. Focus Assist can automatically mute notifications when you’re playing a game or even when you are projecting a presentation to a screen. This update is great for when you are in a meeting and you don’t want notifications to pop up on your screen.

10. Gaming Changes and Xbox Game Bar

Gamers have also been included in the latest release with the ability to now customise graphics performance per game, allowing users to set games to high performance or power saving mode. This can be super useful if you are using a laptop capable of gaming, but you want to conserve battery life. The Xbox game bar has also received a white or black theme update.

Hayden McMaster