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Microsoft’s Cloud Attacks have Risen by 300% - Don’t be a Victim

A new report (published by Microsoft themselves!) has shown the company's cloud cyber security attacks have increased by an astonishing 300% from 2016. Microsoft alarmingly announced hackers have found a new ‘favourite target’, highlighting the undeniable fact you must keep your cloud based activities incredibly secure. No idea where to start? Read below to find out the top 4 […]

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Q & A) My Phone Keeps Asking me to Update! Is it Really Necessary?

We understand what it’s like to feel inundated with notifications requesting software updates on your devices. Many simply choose to ignore or put off these updates, seeing them as unnecessary and a waste of time. Many ask, if my phone is working fine as it is, why is an update necessary? Read below to find […]

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You Need to Know how Your Favourite apps are Hacking Your Information

Every time you install an application onto your phone, you are asked to allow that app certain permissions in order for it to function properly. However, by allowing these permissions you in turn leave your personal information vulnerable to exploitation. Research shows nearly 30% of free mobile apps access and subsequently misuse a user’s personal data. After […]

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News Just In: Adobe Finally Pulls the Plug on Flash

In 1996, Adobe introduced the ‘Flash Player plugin’, which ultimately shaped the very nature of the Internet as we know it today. Flash is a software that requires a plugin in order to be installed, which then allows animations, games and more to be displayed on the device. Introduced when the internet was in its […]

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What you need to know about NBN ready phone systems

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being systematically implemented throughout Australia over the next two years. This network will be rolled out alongside the existing ADSL broadband network in order to provide a faster and more efficient broadband service, with data showing the NBN is up to four times faster than the current broadband system. Once available […]

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Cloud computing and why it is here to stay

For decades, companies operated through ‘local’ storage and computing, whereby data and programs were stored on the computer's hard drive. More recently, technological developments and an overall increased trust in technology has seen the majority of businesses become ‘virtual companies’. Known as, ‘cloud computing’ this system works through the storage of computing resources over the […]

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Four tech giants team up to fight terrorism

Hailed the ‘Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft and Twitter have joined forces to create a global forum fighting against the spread of online terrorist propaganda. Shockingly, extremists have increasingly started to use internet platforms to spread their messages, attempt to radicalize users and inspire heinous acts. In a united attempt to […]

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Why You should have a complex password policy

The 'chronic failure' to use secure passwords has grown increasingly concerning for individuals and companies alike. Password hacking software now enables passwords, thought to be safe, to be unscrambled within seconds. We have compiled the top reasons why implementing a complex password policy is vital for your protection and exactly how to put it in […]

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BYOD Is becoming more popular than ever: Is your business ready?

Many small to medium sized Australian businesses have, or are looking at introducing, a set of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies for employees. With the widespread popularity of smartphones, tablets and iPads, it seems to make good sense to allow employees to use these personal devices for work purposes. In fact, over 74% of organisations either […]

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Should I upgrade to the new Surface Pro?

In late May, Microsoft launched its latest Surface Pro, its first upgrade to the company’s popular line of hybrid PCs since October 2015. While the Surface Pro’s specs have been upgraded across the board, including the newest 7th-generation Intel processors, many of the changes to the Surface Pro are minor, with the most notable upgrade […]

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