What do you do for these clients?


The requirements, and therefore the services we provide, differ between our clients and we ensure that we target our services to meet these requirements. Smaller clients do not have any internal IT expertise and tend to use us as their outsourced IT department. Often larger clients do have internal IT staff and use us to supplement this when they have a gap in resourcing or knowledge.

All of our clients, both big and small, leverage our knowledge of best practice IT to undertake strategic planning, design and implementation of their infrastructure. We are therefore heavily involved in server, software and networking projects.

Areas, where we provide support, include:

  • Server hardware solutions design and deployment
  • Network infrastructure design and deployment
  • Provision of network and endpoint security solutions
  • Wireless systems deployment
  • Ongoing proactive maintenance of systems
  • Onsite consulting
  • Remote support and assistance
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