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Unlocking Outlook's Greatest Email Tricks

October 4, 2018

Microsoft’s personal information manager, Outlook, is currently used by over 400 million people worldwide. With countless tools and features to increase your productivity and efficiency - we’ve compiled our top 4 tricks and just how to unlock them to get the most from your Outlook account.

Top 4 Outlook Tricks
1. Delay Email Deliveries

Outlook’s ‘Delay Delivery’ feature allows you to send an email immediately but schedule its actual delivery for a specific time at a later date. To delay an email’s delivery, go to the Options menu from a new email and choose the Delay Delivery option. You will then need to enter a preferred time and date for the email to be sent.

2. Recall Emails

We’ve all been there - that moment when you realised you’ve sent an email intended for someone else, or forgotten to attach a vital piece of information. Thankfully, there’s now a way to stop the delivery and correct the error, with Outlook’s ability to stop the delivery of an email. To do this, go to Sent Items, then open the message you want to recall. In the Message tab, go to the Move area and click Actions, then Recall This Message. Finally, click 'Delete unread copies of this message'.

3. Recover Deleted Emails

In the past, hitting the delete button meant an email was gone for good. The email may not have seemed so important at the time, but down the track you may be called upon to access it. Thankfully, Outlook has you covered with its ability to recover a previously deleted email.

To recover a deleted email, go to the Deleted Items folder and open theHome tab. Click on Recover Deleted Items from Server, then go through the list of items and folders that pops up and find the item or folder in question. Select Restore Selected Items and then click OK. The missing item will return to the Deleted Items folder and can be restored to the inbox and dealt with appropriately.

4. Email Autofill

Throughout the working day, you probably find yourself sending numerous emails out a day. Outlook’s ‘Quick Parts’ remembers commonly uses phrases, such as telephone numbers, URLs, postal addresses and more, which then triggers a suggestion whenever you begin to write it.

To activate phrases within Quick Parts, compose a new email and, highlight the specific text you would like to save. From here, choose Insert, Quick Parts and then Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.

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