Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Because backups are not enough!

Every business owner knows that their data is critical and cannot be replaced if it’s lost. Most business owners have backups of their data in case there is a fire, theft or cyber attack. But backups are not sufficient protection!

If your servers were destroyed by a cyberattack or fire, how long could you afford to be offline for while your systems are rebuilt and recovered? Hours? Days? Weeks? How much would that downtime cost in lost revenue and reputational damage?

Our industry leading business continuity solution is much more than backup. It is designed to keep your business running, even in the event of a natural disaster, virus, ransomware or catastrophic equipment failure. You can be confident that you will never be in a position where your systems are down, locked or unavailable for extended periods. After a disaster we can get you back up and running, often within minutes, either in your own office or in the cloud.

Fully Managed End to End.

Remain protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Synapse IT Consultants recognise that any significant disruption to IT networks can cause business operations to come to a halt. With this in mind our industry leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions include the following features:

  • Data backup up to every 5 minutes
  • Full server restoration in a few minutes
  • Local and cloud copies
  • Visual proof of backups for peace of mind
  • Encryption of backup data
  • End-to-end business continuity
  • Full disaster recovery plan testing
  • Mitigation of compliance and regulatory concerns
  • Protection against system damage, attack or failure
  • Fully monitored and managed by Synapse

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