Why Cyber Security is Important.

It’s not just for big business.

There are a lot of misconceptions among small and medium business owners about the importance of cyber security. We often hear the following:

  • I’m small, no one will attack me
  • My data isn’t worth stealing
  • My IT company has me covered
  • If I get hacked I’ll just restore from backup
  • No one will notice if I get hacked
  • Protection is too expensive

None of these are actually correct; organised cybercrime is now a major global business and targets organisations of all sizes around the world. Specialised expertise is required to avoid the financial and reputational damage of having your data lost or leaked. The Australian Government now requires business owners to report breaches in line with the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

Get The Right Protection For You

Protect your business against cyber threats, no matter your size.

Cyber security is a big, complex and confusing topic. You need a proven process to understand the risks, understand your obligatons, and understand the options to help you be as secure as you can be within a reasonable budget. The best way to achieve this is to start with a cyber security assessment.

Using our 20+ years of experience in the world of IT, industry best practice knowledge, plus our cutting edge tools and systems, we will assess your current security posture. We benchmark you against industry best practices, work out where the gaps are, and provide actionable recommendations to get you the best bang for your buck in term of protection.

Complete IT Security Packages.

Advanced cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Implementing, monitoring, and evolving reliable cyber security remains imperative for every business, regardless of their size, stage or industry. Depending on your needs, we can help you with an ongoing engagement to manage your cyber security including:

  • vCISO: If you are a larger organisation with some internal technical expertise but you don’t know how to tackle your cyber security challenges we can help. We work with you to build a detailed cyber security roadmap based on best practice and work with your team to implement the controls.
  • Synapse Complete Security: If you don’t have internal expertise but need a robust cyber security solution let us handle that for you. We analyse, plan, deploy and manage key cyber security controls  aligned to industry best practice cyber security framesworks such as Essential 8, NIST, or CIS. We provide ongoing alignment and reporting of your cyber posture compared to the chosen framework.
  • Synapse ThreatDetect: If you just need a quick bump to your cyber posture, our ThreatDetect solution can quickly and easily help your business detect and respond to cyber threats before they cause significant damage.

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