Tailored Hosted Phone Systems.

Communicate with leads, prospects and clients.

Unreliable telecommunications can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention costly. To ensure that you remain on top of enquires and never miss a lead, up to date solutions are vital. Having years of experience in the IT industry, Synapse IT Consultants will take into consideration your budget, requirements and objectives to advise the best hosted phone systems to enhance productivity.

When opting for telecommunications by Synapse IT Consultants, both internet and hosted phone solutions are available. The recommended internet solution will be based on the scale, location and dependencies of your business. Hosted phone solutions, on the other hand, are designed customised to your requirements. Solutions are flexible, reliable and efficient, allowing you to be connected to anywhere across the globe.

Enhance Your Office Phone Systems.

Reliable telecommunications designed for you.

Incorporating the latest technology is a guaranteed method of streamlining processes, ensuring that communication between colleagues, clients and customers is seamless. Through opting to implement office phone systems, your business can reap the following benefits:

  • Work can be completed remotely, with no need to be in the office
  • Calls can be transferred between departments
  • Systems can be integrated with your CRM for ease of use
  • Calls can be recorded and monitored to enhance customer service
  • Solutions are flexible and can be connected via all devices
  • Calls are reported to track incoming and outgoing messages

3CX Phone Systems.

Enhance telecommunications through VoIP phone systems.

Synapse IT Consultants provide clients with various technologies to improve their operations, in particular, 3CX phone systems. 3CX is ideal for advancing telecommunications due to its complete flexibility and ease of use.

Not only are you free to install systems in any location best suited to your businesses requirements, but a number of advanced features can be added to support growth. 3CX phone systems are suited to businesses of all scales and can be used as both a fixed or mobile line.

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