For IT Managers and CIOs

IT is critical in helping your organisation meet its objectives. Does your department have what it needs to succeed?

Through Synapse IT Consultants, you can make your team go from good, to great! We know how to certify that your internal systems are working for your organisation, and how to show the business the value you bring to the table.

Whether we supplement your IT department with tools, processes, strategy, specific expertise, or just extra hands, our combined knowledge and experience will keep your infrastructure, systems, and strategies at the forefront of the industry. 

We know what’s important to you

  • Variety of Technical Skills

    Expertise that provides you with the complete experience to support your IT strategy and internal infrastructure.

  • Advanced Systems and Server Infrastructure

    Your internal infrastructure should be designed to increase capacity and productivity.

  • Good Security Posture

    Ensures that your business is properly protected from threats such as ransomware and hackers.

  • Disaster Recovery Solution

    Proven protection networks so data loss risks don’t keep you awake at night.

  • Streamlined Toolset

    We make your job easier by giving your team access to our cutting-edge tools.

  • Reporting

    Easy reporting on your infrastructure and systems makes reporting to management simple.

Our mission is not only to make your job easier, but to help you build an effective long-term strategy that brings success to your department and your company.

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