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As the owner or manager of a law firm, you are flat out working on cases and keeping your staff billing efficiently. You need a trusted partner to help you:

  • Improve productivity; the right tools can significantly improve your billing rates!
  • Make sure your systems are reliable; downtime kills productivity!
  • Protect your data; data breaches can quickly kill your brand!

We have proven expertise helping law firms grow through use of technology and we have in depth knowledge of common technology that you rely on such as:

  • Standard practice management systems such as LexisNexis
  • High capacity printing solutions
  • Document management
  • Dictation systems

Our solutions have the potential to significantly improve your business’ productivity and profitability and can often be delivered in a cost neutral fashion. This means you don’t need to increase your current spending to get the benefits.

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Our Services

Synapse IT Consultants are dedicated to tailoring all professional services to ensure that your business can operate to its highest potential.

Why Choose Us

Our experienced team recognise that every business is an individual with different objectives, strategies and requirements, so will create an entirely bespoke solution.

Highly Trained

Our management engineers are highly training in the planning, implementation and maintenance of IT systems.

All-Purpose Solutions

Synapse IT Consultants strive to devise effective solutions to all small and medium-sized businesses in all industries.

Add Business Value

Opting for transitioning to managed IT services provides maximum value to your business, saving time and money.

What our customers have to say.

"Synapse IT provided us with a solution for our IT needs that exceeded our expectations, and their delivery of this solution was professional and courteous. We have been able by result to utilise our infrastructure much more productively, and resolve some outstanding difficulties with ease."

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