Whether you’re logging into your work office cubicle or working from home, keeping a tidy and organized work space is easier said than done. Now that spring has sprung and the cold winter days are behind us, it is the perfect opportunity for you to neaten your office and improve your productivity at work.

Here are a few simple spring cleaning office tips:

1) Remove Old papers from your desk

If you have a large stack of papers on your desk, chances are some of them are no longer relevant and can be thrown out. By systematically sorting through your pile, you will be able to recycle papers which are no longer needed and can create a filing system for the papers you choose to keep.

Stackable document trays are a great way to save desk space and categorize documents.

2) Organize Your Computer documents

Desktops can quickly become obscured with hundreds of icons. While it may seem convenient to save everything to your desktop at the time, it can soon be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Rather than just hitting “save to desktop” with every document, create a logical filing system that will help you feel more organized and reduce the time you spend searching for the most recent version of that spreadsheet.

3) Delete read bookmarks and old emails

Are you the type of person to bookmark every single potentially interesting article only to seem surprised to find that scrolling through the bookmark tab takes a while? Do you ever delete old, irrelevant emails?

Taking the time to delete old bookmarks and archive old emails will enable you to navigate your messages and tabs more efficiently. It is also likely that your computer will run much faster as a result.

4) Keep office supplies inside of desk draws

While it is logical to put frequently used items such as pens, post-it notes and planners on top of your desk space, supplies which are used less frequently should be placed inside your office draws. Moving items such as staplers, sticky tape, scissors, rulers and paperclips, away from your desk will significantly declutter your desk space.

5) Clean out the office fridge:

Cleaning out the office fridge will ensure that no nasty leftovers are hiding at the back of the shelves. Notify everyone that you will be cleaning out the fridge at the end of the day so that people can mark what they would like to be kept. It is recommended that you leave this job until the end of the working week, that way you won’t risk throwing out anybody’s lunch by mistake.

6) Remove old equipment:

If you have old equipment such as servers, monitors and desktops collecting dust in your storage room, now would be a good time to remove them. Synapse IT is offering our clients free* collection of e-waste throughout the entire month of September!

To find out more information on our September offer, contact info@itconsultants.com.au or call 1300 903 405

 *Free collection within 30km of Melbourne CBD excludes disposal fees

Hayden McMaster