The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being systematically implemented throughout Australia over the next two years. This network will be rolled out alongside the existing ADSL broadband network in order to provide a faster and more efficient broadband service, with data showing the NBN is up to four times faster than the current broadband system.

Once available in your area, the NBN allows you to switch your internet from the current ADSL network to the NBN. The old network will then be scheduled for decommissioning, which takes approximately two years to be completely phased out. The installation of the NBN within Australia has propelled many businesses to reevaluate their current phone systems, after they discover their existing phone systems will not work. The NBN enables a more effective use of Voice over IP systems (VoIP), which send and receive calls via the internet rather than phone lines.

Businesses now require VoIP ready phone systems to ensure they will operate once the old network is decommissioned. We will outline exactly how phone systems work within the NBN, if your current phone system is compatible and if not, how to easily make the switch to a VoIP ready phone system.

The 2 types of phone systems

Traditional phone system 

Traditional phone systems (PABX) do not work through a wireless network, instead plugging into standard copper phone lines. Ultimately, when these copper lines are removed and replaced with NBN, these old  phone systems will cease to work.

Hosted phone system 

Hosted phone systems are often referred to as a ‘cloud based’ or ‘virtual’ phone system, in which a phone’s data, programming and features are stored in the cloud. These systems eliminate the need for a large PABX box, merely requiring quality internet to function efficiently, which the NBN provides. This system boasts easier installation, management, upgrading and maintenance.

Is my current phone system NBN compatible?

Digital vs analouge phones

Phone systems operating within the NBN use digital data only to send and receive multimedia messages, whereas the PABX phone system uses analogue data. As the NBN system is not compatible with analogue devices, many businesses encounter this as a significant issue.

Can my PABX phone system use the NBN?

There are ways in which a PABX phone can operate within the NBN. An IP card can be added to the phone system, which will then allow the phone to accept digital information. However, these cards can be incredibly expensive, costing up to $3000.

Benefits for your specific business 

Small & medium sized businesses 

Small to medium sized businesses are seen as a growing influence on the Australian economy. These businesses are essential, therefore should not underestimate the importance of a reliable and efficient phone system. The VoIP phone system offers customised and automated features to these businesses such as cafes and mid-sized offices. For example, if a call is unanswered, the caller is more likely to call back if they have received a customised message, such as providing business opening hours. These are some of the features a modern phone system can offer

Rapidly changing businesses

Businesses in rapidly changing and tangible environments would benefit from the highly efficient updates and management a modern phone system provides. For example, if your business requires a temporary office in a new location, calls can easily be made and automatically transferred between sites.

Multi-site locations 

Companies no longer place great emphasis on having one location to operate their business. However, multi-site locations mean employees and clients are geographically scattered, while still needing to be easily connected. A modern phone system easily connects staff within different locations to the one phone system, rather than purchasing a new one at each location change.

Top 4 features of an NBN ready phone system

Voicemail to email 

Voicemail messages can easily be transferred from the handset to an email account, increasing productivity and streamlining the call management process.

Call transfers

All staff connected to the NBN ready phone system can be easily transferred amongst each other, along with external phone and mobile numbers.

Auto attendant 

Any client or customer whose call is unanswered can instead be welcomed by an automated message directing them to the appropriate information based on their enquiry type.

Lower maintenance costs 

The management and maintenance of the NBN ready phone system is no longer the businesses responsibility. Instead, the service provider is responsible for technical support, freeing up time for your business to focus on more productive tasks.

How can I set up my modern phone system?

Updating to a modern phone system is essential to ensure your business is equipped with a reliable, easily accessed and efficient phone system. However, moving to a modern phone system is not an automatic process.

Here at Synapse IT Consultants, we offer tailored phone systems based on your business’ specific needs and are 3CX certified. If you would like to get your business setup with the NBN ready phone system, feel free to get in contact with us.

Hayden McMaster