What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is the seamless coordination of multiple communication tools, so that people can interact successfully using various devices at different locations. As we live in a fast-paced world with colleagues, friends and family members at different locations, unified communications allows us to stay in contact, share information and communicate with ease.

Living in a technology progressive world

Technology has changed dramatically over the past few decades and it has influenced the ways in which we live and relate to each other. Communication technology, including unified communications, has changed how we build and maintain relationships including at home, at school and in business.

We have new ways to stay in contact with the important people in our lives, carry out our daily tasks, manage projects, make purchases and send information. Technology has enabled efficiency, real-time communication from a distance and ventures that were previously not possible without it. Technology will also continue to progress and shape the ways in which we live, work and play.

Multiple tools working together

There are many different ways to communicate using technology these include instant messaging, video conferencing, voice calls, e-mail, data and desktop sharing and fax. With so many different options for communicating and sending information there needs to be a streamlined approach so that all of these tools can be connected and work together. This is unified communications, a term that refers to the integration of all these tools.

Staying in contact for business

Coordinating the important people in your business is essential and unified communications assists business owners in achieving this. As we are operating in a global world, with clients, colleagues and suppliers at various locations we need to utilise the tools that are available and ensure that they keep everyone connected and in the loop with regards to business activities.

Day to day business revolves around communication, interactions and information sharing. People in business need to develop relationships based on trust and authenticity to ensure their ventures go ahead smoothly, but to do this from a distance they need to have a reliable and functional system that coordinates all of their communication. They need this for simple messages, the sharing of large documents, and also conferencing. Unified communications is integral to today’s business communications and will be even more important in years to come.

Holding conferences from a distance

People may need to work in different locations, but still come together for conferences. Unified communications assists with the coordination of audio, video and the web so people can participate in conferences while they are located in geographically dispersed places. Bringing so many people together at the one location can be a costly process, as airfares and accommodation need to be paid for. Unified communications helps avoid these costs, while still providing a conference environment that is intimate and authentic. With the use of video and audio conferencing, web access and desktop sharing, all of the participants in a conference will feel as though they are in a room where everyone is present and working on the same tasks.

Embracing unified communications

Synapse IT Consultants can work with you and or your organisation to establish unified communication systems, so that everyone involved can stay in touch and operate in a geographically dispersed environment. Through this you will achieve greater levels of productivity, effective real-time communication and stronger relationships. This could be the change your organisation needs.

Hayden McMaster