It was during November 2020 when the Synapse exercise challenge took off. After many months in lockdown, committing to walking, running, biking, rowing etc. to increase the amount of kilometers we each took daily seemed like a positive goal for the month of November. As well as making us all feel a bit fitter, the team member with the highest score was able to select a charity that Synapse donated to on their behalf.

In November, Synapse’s Marketing Assistant Carly won the first month of our exercise challenge, helping donate just over $500 to Food for Families, a Melbourne based charity that collects food and toiletries for families in need.

As we enter January, it’s time to review December’s monthly totals and announce the exercise challenge winner for that month.

The overall stats were looking a bit low during December, perhaps some of us were being a bit complacent, but given it was the Christmas holidays the team deserved to be a bit slack.

Our Managing Director Hayden is very clearly the winner of December, travelling up to 127km by the end of the month. Thanks to our IT friends from Sydney, Lookup IT, for suggesting Cystic Fibrosis Australia as this month’s charity. We have donated $448 to their cause.

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Hayden McMaster